Homework Assignments

Mathematics is best learned by doing, so part of your responsibility in this class is to complete weekly homework assignments. The basic rules for submitting homework are:

  • Your assignment should reflect your own understanding.
  • Your solutions should be written so that anyone with a basic knowledge of the course can read and understand them.
  • Your solutions should include complete justification for your claims; unsubstantiated answers will receive no credit.
  • Your assignment should be turned in at the beginning of class on the day it is due.

Collaboration is also a real part of how mathematics gets done "in the real world," and so you shouldn't interpret the first rule as meaning that you can't discuss problems with anyone. Indeed, you are encouraged to work on problems with your classmates or to talk to the instructor for help when you are stuck. If you do work in collaboration with someone else, though, there are two important rules to observe

  • You should indicate on your paper with whom you have collaborated
  • If you takes notes while collaborating, you must destroy these notes before starting to write up your own solution.

Failure to observe these rules when you've collaborated will result in all members of the collaboration getting a 0 on the submitted assignment.

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