Homework 13

Now that you have completed your project, your final homework assignment is to write a brief evaluation (1 or 2 pages) of the project, giving feedback on the assignment itself, the topic you chose, your own participation in the project, and that of your teammate(s) and classmates. This is your opportunity to describe the process you went through for your project presentation, as well as to give honest feedback on your group dynamic and how it affected the final presentation.

This is a confidential document; and it will not be used in assigning grades for the rest of the project. It is meant as a tool to help you reflect on what you learned from the project as well as a way to provide feedback so that future classes will gain the most out of these kinds of assigned projects. All thoughtful responses will receive full credit on this assignment, so please spend some time thinking about what you'd like to say and then be as candid as possible.

You are encouraged to spend some time considering the following questions before you write up your evaluation. You do not need to respond to all (or any) of these questions in your evaluation; they are merely here to get you thinking about your project and the projects of others.

Your own experience

  • Were you content with the topic you chose? If you had it to do over again, would you have chosen another topic?
  • Did you find the process of researching your topic easy or difficult? Did you know where to begin looking for information on your topic?
  • Did you find the intermediary assignments (project summart, etc.) helpful in completing your final presentation?
  • Would you have liked more time to come up with project ideas and do research? Should the assignment have been made earlier in the semester?
  • Do you feel like you learned some interesting mathematics? Did you learn anything which will be useful outside the mathematical classroom?

Working with your group

  • How well did your group work together? What roles did each team member perform, and was work distributed in a balanced way?
  • Do you think your group spent enough time preparing? If you had it to do over again, would you have spent more or less time in preparation? How might you have prepared differently?

Other projects

  • How do you think your project stacked up against other people's projects?
  • Did you learn anything from other groups' projects? Would you have liked to see something changed in the way other students presented their projects so that you could understand their topic better?
  • Did you see connections between different projects which you might not have anticipated?
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