Homework 9

This assignment is due to my office by 11am on Wednesday, October 29th. Be sure to review the homework guidelines before getting started.

  • From Chapter 4 of Strayer, do the following problems
    • 20
    • 23
    • 30
  • From Chapter 5 of Strayer, do the following problems
    • 4
    • 11(b)
    • 21
    • 23(b,d,e)
    • 24(d)
    • 28
  • Answer the following question in a short paragraph. You answer should be well-thought out, and your writing should be clear and concise.

You've undoubtedly taken many calculus classes by this point in your life. Generally speaking, calculus falls into the "analysis" branch of mathematics. This branch includes lots of other courses you might have taken: differential equations, real or complex analysis, differential geometry. Number theory, at least the version that we're seeing in this class, falls more squarely in the "algebra" side of mathematics, as do other topics like so-called abstract algebra, linear algebra, and even high-school algebra. Having sampled both of these branches of math, which suits your preference? Why?

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