JohnMark Lau

JohnMark Lau is a senior in Computer Science. He has lived in Illinois his whole life, and is currently living with his parents in Mahomet and commuting to school every day. When on campus, you can often find him hanging out at Hendrick House. JohnMark is heavily involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and leads a small group bible study.

Over the summer, JohnMark took a couple classes and researched under the tutelage of Prof. Matthew Ando here at the U of I. He, together with two fellow researchers, completely classified a new space. The generating function that they found was

\begin{align} \Pi_{i=0}^\infty (1-tx^{p^i})^{-1} = \Sigma_{n,k} C_{n,k}x^nt^k. \end{align}

He will be continuing his research this fall to (hopefully) classify a closely-related space.

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