Josh Nelson

I am a senior in Mathematics with a minor in Religious Studies. I grew up in the middle of corn and bean fields, also known as Heyworth, IL (you could, until this last year, stand at one of the high school's doors and throw rocks into a field).

I spend most of my non-homework time working at the Spurlock Museum (come check it out some time—it's free!) or at the Wesley Foundation. I am also what you could call an "avid gamer".

I believe in the power of $e^ {\pi i } -1 =0$. I also have a fondness for $\phi = \frac{-1+ {\sqrt 5}} {2}$. But seeing that $e, \pi, \phi \notin \mathbb{Z}$, I will settle for $6 \times 9 = 42$ as my expression of choice for the semester.

While trying to find a suitable picture of me, I noticed three sad facts:

  1. I am not very photogenic.
  2. I have only about thirty pictures of myself.
  3. I don't have a decent photo of myself on this computer.

I promise I will get a photo up in the next week, though.

=== WARNING! ===
Almost anything I do electronically has a tendency to crash and burn sooner or later… Like how I overpowered Mathematica's kernel so hard the CPU crashed, nuked a hard drive with all my summer research, and… well….

Other than that, I'm pretty good with technology. :P

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