Tom Wyszomirski

Hey, I'm a senior majoring in Mathematics, with a concentration in Mathematics. I like to golf, and long strolls on the beach … just kidding, but seriously, I do like golf. I used to be a Math and Computer Science major, but my freshman year I wasn't prepared for college, and I never went to class, so I failed out. My junior year, I re-applied, and now I am trying to cram all of my major classes in so that I can graduate on time. I already have a job lined up at a hedge fund, so I can't wait to get done with school so that I can start the "Real World". If you ever want to golf, or anything, you can contact me at ude.cuiu|2mozsywt#ude.cuiu|2mozsywt.

My math expression is: $\pi = \frac{4}{1} - \frac{4}{3} + \frac{4}{5} - \frac{4}{7} + \frac{4}{9} - \frac{4}{11} + ...$

This can also be written: $\pi = \sum_{i=1}^{\infty} (-1)^{i-1} \frac{4}{2i-1}$

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