Yuji Tsuzuki

Hi, I am Yuji. I was born in Tampa Florida. I moved to the Chicago suburbs when I was 7. Now, I currently reside in Schaumburg, IL. Mathematics and Music have always been my strongest points. I entered my freshman year as a Math and Violin Performance double degree. After one semester I dropped the math and went for full time music, but then this year I am planning on switching back into math since the music was not what I expected. This is the first math class in a long time, so hopefully it will go well. I am also taking Math 415, 448, 450 and CS 125. I am a full time student here as well as parkland so I will probably be busy this semester but hope to have a fun semester as well.

I would like to use $\pi \approx \frac{355}{113}$ as my math equation.

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